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Luntik Colors the WorldLuntik Colors the World buy now

Together with our friend from the Moon and his friends, aspiring young artists will learn to paint lots of different pictures, while memorizing the names of colors and shapes. They will also help Luntik solve funny puzzles and understand the basics of appliqué, as well as mixing colors and mosaics.

Luntik. Puzzles and GamesLuntik. Puzzles and Games buy now

The kids set off on a journey to a wondrous world to meet Luntik and his friends. The young travelers will actively participate in the adventures of the eager and ever-curious visitor from the moon. They will help him solve fun and interesting puzzles aimed at developing logic and critical thinking, while training their memory and attention.

Luntik Counts to TenLuntik Counts to Ten buy now

Luntik and his friends Grasshopper Skip, Rudy Rootson and two troublemaking caterpillars Pillar and Paller will offer children entertaining lessons to teach them about counting and numbers. If a child can’t figure out a problem, the characters will give an easier one to help them learn.