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Luntik and His Friends

Skip, a grasshopper

Skip, a grasshopper

Skip is a friend of Luntik. He is swift, agile, and quick-witted. Skip was the first Earth creature that Luntik met on his arrival.

Skip likes new games and adventures. Sometimes he can be a bit boastful and impatient, though he is always very honest and fair. If his friends are arguing, he's eager to intervene and help settle the quarrel to everyone’s liking. And if he’s the one at fault, he will admit it and apologize.

Skip is also very inquisitive, and he shares his knowledge about the world with Luntik. And though his knowledge about the world is not always perfect, much like his friend Luntik he is always ready to listen and learn.

Skip is also very brave and not at all afraid of darkness.